Article 1. Purpose                                              

– To celebrate New Year,

– To organize the best half marathon in Vietnam,

– To encourage people who lives in Hanoi and Vietnam in involving running


Article 2. Date and venue

– Date: January 1st, 2024

– Venue: Hanoi


Article 3. Events

3.1. Events

* Individual event

– Male: Half marathon, 10km and 5km

– Women: Half marathon, 10km and 5km

* Team event

– Sports Family: two members per team including father and child or mother and child. Team members run together one Hoan Kiem Lake’s lap and finish the race together.

– Men’s 10km: five members per team

– Women’s 10km: five members per team

– Men’s 21km: five members per team

– Women’s 21km: five members per team

* Promotional activities:

– Racewalking (to walk around Hoan Kiem lake).

3.2 Competition format:

– For the team event, the team’s results will be determined by total actual time achieved by team members. Team achieves better results will be ranked higher.

– For the team event, entry must be done via online system at the beginning

– Athletes are counted in both individual and team catagories

– Each club can enter more than one team

– No prizes are awarded in racewalking.

3.3. Categories

– Elite category: invited international athlete; National Athletes; athletes who are currently under the management of provinces, cities, public security and army nationwide, have competed in the national competitions from January 1, 2021; elite athletes (1:30:00 for men and 1:45:00 for women) at competitions with odometer certificates licensed by the Vietnam Athletics Federation can register for the competition in elite category.

– Non elite category: The others


Article 4. Starting time and Cut off time

Distance Starting time Warm up time

(30 minutes before starting time)

Cut off time
10km 04:30 04:00 06:30
Half marathon 05:00 04:30 08:00
5km 05:50 05:20 7:30
Family relay 8:00 7:30 8:30
Race Walking 8:30 8:15 9:00

4.1 Cut of time (COT) will be applied in the half marathon race at 10km and 15km marker.

4.2 For half marathon, 10km and 5km races, Race Organisers provides Chip timing to runners. Runners are responsible for keeping their own Chip timings. The Organizer is not responsible in cases where it is not possible to accurately record the athlete’s performance due to damaged Chip timings after being given to athlete or the athlete’s representative.

4.3 COT is specified for each distance as mentioned above, Athletes who do not complete the distance within COT will have to leave the track or the athlete may continue to run on the pavement to finish the race, but will not count as finishing the race. When participant runs on the sidewalk, they have to comply with traffic regulations applicable to pedestrians. Water and medical station on each 5km distance will close at the end of the COT.

4.4 The official time recorded for all participants is the time recorded by Chip timing from the moment the participant crosses the starting line until the participant crosses the finish line. Runner must wear a Chip timing – a Chip timing assigned to each athlete individually – which is permanently attached to the BIB number. The results will be rounded to the next second.

4.5 Starting: runners need to enter their personal best results; Based on that, the Race Organisers will arrange starting waves to be reasonable. Those who do not enter personal best results will be placed in the last waves. Participants are required to start running at their designated area. Runner must enter their starting area from the designated entrances. Those who do not comply with the starting rules will be disqualified from the race.

4.5 Finish: The finishing position in each event is the actual rank of the competitor crossing the finish line.


Article 5. Participants

– 5km: no age restriction.

– 10 km: athletes must be at leats 14 years old (born in 2010 or earlier).

– Half marathon: athletes must at least 16 years (born in 2008 or earlier)

– Sports family: Children must not be more than 15 years old (born in 2009 or later)


Article 6. Prizes

6.1. The runners who finish first in the half marathon, 10km, 5km (according to the prize structure) will receive prizes in cash, in kind and/or other services (if any). Prizes will be deducted from personal income tax in accordance with Tax law in Vietnam. Prizes in kind or cards/vouchers and/or service use with cash equivalent value will not be exchanged for cash.

6.2. Details of the awards can be found here.

6.3. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the performance of any prize winner if it is found that they have violated the rules.

6.4. Any protest or appeal about the prize should be sent to the Race Organisers within 24 hours after the announcement of the prize. Any protest or appeal should be sent to the Race Organisers within 24 hours after the race. For later complaints, Race Organisers reserves the right to consider and make an appropriate decision.

6.5. The time limit for receiving the prize is only valid within 1 month from the date the Race Organisers announced the prize.

6.6. Athlete’s rank is the actual rank achieved by that athlete in each event/form of competition.

6.7. To receive the prize, the winner must complete the following procedures:

– To Fill out the award prize claim form

– To submit copy of ID card or passport

– To sign the personal income tax commitment (Form 02/CK-TNCN)

In case the athlete lacks one of the above documents, the Organizing Committee has the right to refuse to award the prize.


Article 7. Terms of entry and confirmation

7.1. Athletes living abroad must enter online via the race’s website. In case of difficulties or technical problems occures, athlete will be supported by race organizer.

7.2. An athlete enter twice in the same race; use a pseudonym; provide wrong date of birth, gender, picture… is considered ineligible to participate in the race.

7.3. In the event of half-marathon, 10km, 5km runner will receive a race kit including BIB number, Chip timing, T-shirt, Bag and Race guide.

7.5 Athletes are solely responsible for having the right, including but not limited to obtaining parental permission, to register for participation in accordance with the regulations and to perform other registration-related requirements such as the use of a credit or debit card to pay the registration fee.

– On the race day, athletes between the ages of 16 and 18 can only participate in the competition with the written consent of their parents or legal guardian/guardian.

– In case the participant is under the prescribed age, the legal guardian/guardian must sign a guarantee and take full responsibility for the safety and possible risks to the participant. guarantee.

7.6. In the event that an individual represents and/or is authorized to register and/or receive a Race Kit for another person or group of persons, he or she represents that he or she has been authorized to act on behalf of that person and /or that group of people in enter and receiving race kit. The registration through a representative or an authorized person is still fully applied the provisions of this Regulation as when registered directly.

7.7. After submitting the registration form and paid the entry fee, the organizer will not refund the entry fee to athlete under any circumstances. Athletes are not allowed to change their personal information or transfer the participation rights to any third party after registering and completing the payment.

7.8. A change of event is only accepted when the request is made before the deadline which specified in Article 1.2. Athletes will have to pay the difference amount between the entry fee if the new event’s entry fee higher than original race’s one. And the balance will not be refunded if the new event’s entry fee lower than original event’s one.

7.9. In case the athlete overpays the entry fee, the organizer will refund the overpaid fee to the athlete via the online payment system.

7.10. Race Organisers is not responsible for delays in the event that the applications are not processed due to Internet connection errors and or due to the fault of third parties who are the organizations that make the payment. The registration is considered valid only for the time the payment shows up on Race Organisers ‘s account.

7.11. The provisions of Article 5.10 also apply to Race Organiser’s discount and promotion programs.


Article 8. Compliance with Law and safety, regulations, personal property of athletes

8.1. Athletes commit to comply with all laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

8.2. Athletes must comply with the race regulation and do not use drugs. The Race Organiser has the right to request athletes to provide a urine sample for doping test.

8.3. When participating in the race, the athlete must commits to having the physical conditions to participate with the registered distance and the time required by the Race Organisers to complete the running distance. Athletes are committed to understanding their own health limits and being self-aware when it comes to stopping physical activity before injury can result.

8.4. If athlete is unable to complete the race within COT that specified in the above Terms, Race organisers has the right to stop athlete from racing and the athlete will not be compensated, including financial compensation and/or other compensation.

8.5. Athletes understand all risks associated with running a half marathon, including but not limited to: tripping, collisions with other participants on the road, the effects of weather, traffic and other conditions. running conditions, from minor injury to serious injury, or even death. Athletes must be solely responsible for all their safety and health issues during the course of the race and undertake to disclaim responsibility for the organizers of the race.

8.6. The Race Organisers will purchase public liability insurance and personal insurance for athletes participating in the race. Therefore, to ensure their rights, athletes need to provide complete and accurate personal information (date, month, year of birth, ID card number) according to the registration sent to the organizers. Race Organisers and insurance company are not repsonsible for any information that provided wrongly or incompletely by athlete.

8.7. It is the responsibility of the athlete to carefully study the route before the official race day and take full responsibility for running the wrong route leading to failure to complete the course or not having the achievement recognized.

8.8. Bib Number

8.8.1. The athlete’s name on the BIB must be exactly the same as the name on the Athlete’ ID card or Passport when he/she entering.

8.8.2. Athletes must wear their BIB number during the race. Any exchange, sale, donation, or transfer of the number to another person without the written approval of the Race Organisers is considered a violation of Competition Rules. Race Organisers has the right to stop the runner, not to recognize the results for all cases of wearing BIB numbers that do not match the registration list of Race Organisers.

8.8.3. The BIB must be attached to the athlete’s shirt and worn on the front of the athlete’s shirt. If the Bib number is attached elsewhere, it will not be accepted and is considered a violation of the Rae Regulation, the organizers have the right to stop runner and not recognize the results.

8.8.4. The bib can not be cut, folded or damaged in any way. The Bib number must be clearly visible at all times during the race.

8.8.5. Athletes do not remove the Chip timing attached to the back of the BIB

8.8.6. Athletes need to fill up all information on the back of the BIB such as Full name, phone number, Emergency contact.

8.8.7. Bib can not be bought, sold or transferred. Any exchange, sale, donation, or transfer of the number to another person without the written approval of the Race Organisers is considered a violation of this Regulation.

8.9. Personal item

Athletes drop personal items in their bag or backpack and mark with their BIB number, do not leave valuables in briefcases, bags, backpacks or items at the Race Organisers bag- drop are.

8.10. Race Organisers is not responsible for any loss caused by:

– Illness or accident (including emergency treatment);

– Loss or damage to personal property;

– Late arrival due to difficulties and/or problems with public transport or road conditions.

8.11. Medical

Race Organisers provides first aid or professional medical service for any injury, illness or accident that occurs and, where necessary, transfers injured athletes to the nearest hospital. Athletes are obliged to pay in full the costs of care and treatment.


Article 9. Prohibitions

The Organizing Committee has the right to ban athletes from participating in the race and/or continuing to run after the race has started when it is found that the athlete violates the following rules and regulations:

9.1. Athletes must not use any type of wheeled vehicle while competing (e.g. skateboard, stroller, wheeled shoes, bicycle, motorbike…);

9.2. Athletes are not allowed to use foods and drugs which contain substance on the list of banned stimulants announced by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Athletes are not allowed to use stimulants, drugs as well as drugs that increase the feeling of excitement when competing.

9.3. Athletes are not allowed to receive any other help, other than the organizer’s legal assistance (such as: water, nutrition…).

9.4. Athletes must absolutely comply with the running route prescribed by the Race Organiser. A competitor who leaves the track without the permission of the race referee will be considered a foul and will be disqualified from the race. Participants who shorten the course of the race will be disqualified. This can be detected by the umpire or by surveillance and video recording devices. The final decision will be at the discretion of Race Organisers.

9.5. Runners must run across the starting mat, the check-point mats and the finishing mat. Athletes who are not signaled by all electronic chip mats will be considered as failing to complete the course and not be recognized for their achievements.

9.6. Athletes are not allowed to have behaviors and words of a harassing nature, inciting crowds, causing riots, damaging or damaging the race.

9.7. Athletes are not allowed to bring to the competition items and utensils that are not suitable for the race; weapons, sticks, sharp objects that can hurt or kill others.

9.8. Athletes are not allowed to bring to the race materials, leaflets, content that is against the State and People of Vietnam; the content goes against the policies of the Party and the State; The content is not in accordance with the fine customs and traditions of Vietnam.

9.9. Athletes are not allowed to wear costumes with inappropriate images, which are not in accordance with the fine customs and traditions of Vietnam; images that are anti-Vietnamese to the State and people; the image goes against the policies of the Party and the State; run with the entire face sealed.

9.10. Athletes must not violate current traffic laws in the running area. Violating athletes will be fully responsible in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese state law and must compensate for the damage caused to the organizers (if any).

9.11. Foreign athletes are responsible for self-declaration and make sure to clearly state the purpose of entry into Vietnam to participate in the Run when applying for visa and completing immigration procedures to Vietnam. The athletes are also responsible for informing the organizer of the address of the hotel to stay in Hanoi during the time of participating in the race.

9.12. Athletes must not perform any action might cause delay or bad affect to the race such as: Jumping, changing clothes, playing musical instruments, raising funds, asking for autographs, etc. Athletes must not obstruct the race by not complying with the instructions of Race Organisers. Athletes are not allowed to go to the toilet in places other than the prescribed toilet area.


Article 10. Postponement, cancellation and force majeure situations

10.1. In all cases where the race is canceled/postponed, the registration fee will not be refunded to the athletes.

10.2. After completing the entry and making payment, the athlete will not be able to request the Race Organisers to refund entry fees for any reason.

10.3. In the event of adverse weather conditions or force majeure reasons beyond the control of the Race Organisers, Race Organisers will notify the participant of the cause and time of the force majeure event before the date of the race. Race Organisers may announce the postponement of the event and is responsible for informing the participants of the event time later.


Article 11: Copyright

Copyright of any articles, recordings, images, videos and data and the right to use such information on the official website, social networking sites, as well as on media, press, to market and promote the race belongs to Race Organisers.

Copyright of the above information including but not limited to names and information such as age, address (hometown, province, city) of participants mentioned in articles related to the event


Article 12: Competition Rules and Regulation

All matters related to Competition Rules and Regulations shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Race Regulation and World Athletics Competition Rules.


Article 13: Terms of Conditions

11.1. To ensure the safety of the race, Race Organisers will apply this rule to entire race, for all athletes. Those who do not comply with the rules will be considered ineligible to participate in the race.

11.2. In case there is an appeal or protest about athlete’s eligiblity, results the final decision will be at the discretion of the Race Organizers.

11.3. Race Organisers reserves the right to change the route if necessary. The route change (if any) will be notified soon to the athletes and related people and changes the terms of Race Regulation in case of emergency without prior notice.