– When does the registration period for Vietnam International Half Marathon 2024 start and end?

Answer: Vietnam International Half Marathon 2024 will officially open the registration portal from August to the end of October 31st, 2023 at website


– How to register for the competition?

Answer: Athletes can access website during the period from August to the end of October 31st, 2023, to choose the desired distances (5km-10km- half marathon) and proceed with the payment procedures as prescribed.


– How much does it cost to register for the competition?


– Do I need to fill out a form with relevant information and confirmed permission from my parents or guardians to participate, if I am under the age of 18 years?

Answer: According to regulations of the competition, athletes under the age of 18 must complete the declaration form, and have the permission of their parents or guardians, to be allowed to register.


– Can I get my registration fee back, if I can’t participate in the competition due to personal reasons?

Answer: As a rule, the registration fee will not be refunded. If an athlete cannot participate in the competition due to personal reasons, the number of bib can be transferred to another athlete according to regulations. Details can be found at:


– Can I get a refund if the competition is canceled or postponed due to weather?

Answer: If the competition is postponed or canceled due to force majeure, the Organizer will reserve the participation of athletes in the next competition. The organizer will contact athletes to update information about the postponement or cancellation of the competition, as well as information about the next competition, via the email box registered by athletes.


– Can I change the distance of the competition after successful registration?

Answer: Athletes can change the distance if the current number of registered athletes in that distance has not reached the specified threshold. For the cost of changing distance and changing information, please see details at:


– If I cannot come to pick up the racekit, can the organizer send it to me via the post office or riding apps?

Answer: If athletes cannot come to pick up the racekit within the specified time, they can ask their relatives, friends or club… to pick up it for them. However, it is necessary to strictly comply with the provisions at:


– What are the distances of the competition?

Answer: The distances at the competition include 5km, 10km and half marathon (21.1km) for male and female athletes.


– Is there a bag drop service at the competing venue? Do I need to pay to use this service?

Answer: On the day of the competition, the Organizer opens free bag drop counters from 3:30am to 10:00am. However, the Organizer does not accept huge valuable assets.


– What is the regulations about age group to participate in the competition?

Answer: For the 10km distance, athletes must be at the age of 14 and above, and for the half marathon, athletes must be at the age of 16 and above.


– If I pass the cut-off time (COT), will I receive a medal for completing the distance?

Answer: If an athlete passes the cut-off time (COT), it will be determined as “did not finish” (DNF). Therefore, distance completion medals will not be awarded.


– If I am late in the registered distance, can I run at a later start distance and receive a medal for completing the actual distance?

Answer: Athletes need to compete in the distance registered with the Organizer. Competing at the wrong distance may result in the athlete being disqualified and the BIB number being confiscated by the on-road referee.


– What does the organizer provide at the water station for athletes?

Answer: Athletes competing at the competition will be provided with mineral water, ionized water and fruit by the Organizer at the official watering stations.


– When will the winning athletes receive their prize money?

Answer: Winning athletes will receive their prize money within 30 days from the day of competition.


– Is the recovery and ice bath area open to all athletes participating in the competition?

Answer: Only athletes participating in the 10km and half marathon distances (21.1km) will be allowed to enter the recovery and ice bath area.